November 21, 2010

Er Well the previous exhibition didn't happen
because there was a dirty great big earthquake.
So whats a girl to do but paint!
The Huia painting 'Released Rairity '
was my way of riding aftershocks.
If you look closely you might be able to read the little poem I made up inscribed within the the gold ribbon.
This painting is currently hanging up at the Little River Gallery.

Released Rarity

‘There was a great cracking and shuddering and all of a sudden she came, out of the swirling mists of time released by the terrible rumbling, the colour of the very mist itself but for the fire glow upon cheeks and deep within her sharp eyes’.

This painting is of a prized albino Huia. The female Huia has a curved beak. I’ve imagined this Huia released by the Canterbury earthquake that occurred during the creation of this painting and inspired its development (after I’d tidied up the mess in my studio, created by the quake)

K.Perano September 2010

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