April 7, 2013

Thought I'd share with you a rather long image

This painting is of some 'stroppy little hunters', collecting insects after a storm.

Click on the 1st image, you'll discover it's longer than you think!

August 9, 2012

Akaroa Spring arts School

The Akaroa spring arts School has been revived this year and yours truly is tutoring the 'Life drawing' (a fab two day course) & ' Print with Lino' (only one day).

For details follow the link to the left on this blog or read the details below .
Do come and have some fun!

2012 Little River Exhibition

"Greetings folks"
It seems a crazy year has enveloped me (again, yikes).
Here is the extremely last minute exhibition details for those of you who haven't been contacted by other means, along with a few tempting images for you.

January 13, 2012

Look what just visited me!

Unbelievable! look who I had visit me in the studio.
He must have arrived in the night and was making himself at home on my desk when I went to work in the studio this morning. I was concerned that i might frighten him when I took these photos, but he seemed relaxed and stayed around for a wee while enjoying the warmth of the lamp when I turned it on, then as quick as a flash he flew off (I had to put the cats away in case they chased him).Wow what awesome little experience to finally meet a flying Pygmy Tuatara!

September 4, 2011

An invite for you

Some choice links worth looking at

September 2, 2011

Just a thought or two

If you were to leave a house on the west coast for 10 or so years, you would come back to discover it engulfed by the bush and probably hard to find, To us this would seem chaotic, but to the birds and lizards etc, this is back to a comfortable order .Having had this in mind, I have painted from the viewpoint of my banks peninsula environment and ecology ,thinking whimsically 'what would happen if one was to leave a window open here for a length of time?'We are surrounded by a great treasure, our unique wildlife and like our history it too is vulnerable as a china tea set in Canterbury .

August 25, 2011

Exhibition at the Little River Gallery 2011

Just a heads up for the upcoming shared exhibition at the fab Little River gallery,
starting 10/Sept/2011 and running for two weeks.
I'll be selling a variety of my prints, new paintings, even some neat tee towels.

The painting here is nearly finished and is a wee example of some of the work to be exhibited.

April 28, 2011

Thought I'd share an images

He still puts a smile on my dial,
check out mr bellybutton and
mr raspberry miice.

Wouldn't it be choice if cats
came in blue too.

If you're interested,
this chap has been turned into
a greeting card and is selling
at '' site, along with
a new selection of greeting card

April 11, 2011

Just a wee showcase of my work on the 'felt' site

Lino-cut  'Cat guy'
Lino-cut 'Frank the Otter'
Lino-cut 'Humpback whale, cow & calf'
Lino-print  'Deep rooted tree'(green)
carved lino print 'Artful Dodger'
Carved lino print 'Winged whale'
Carved lino print "Winged Rex'
'Weedles the rex'
'Queen's of Spades
'Master Martin Pine'